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About us

Here at the Sovereign Life Academy, we are all about supporting you in ‘Becoming’. Becoming who you are meant to be, becoming your Sovereign Self.

Because through becoming who you are meant to be, you will be able to create & personify that which you feel is missing from the world.

sovereignty /ˈsɒvrɪnti/


1. the authority of a person to fully and completely govern themselves.

2. living in full alignment with one’s own inner truth.

synonyms: autonomy, self-governance, self-rule, freedom

In their journey to Sovereignty, we see our clients move through four different stages:

Stage 1 – Learning to be aware of and ok with your life as it is, accepting full ownership and responsibility for your own life.

Stage 2 – Knowing what it is you love to do and how you can use that to positively impact the world.

Stage 3 – ‘Developing the guts’ to make choices that are aligned with stages one & two.

Stage 4 – Learning to live your truth while bringing good to the world.

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Our upcoming Events

Ongoing right now: Self Love Challenge

27 Jan, 1-Day retreat: A sovereign start to the new year

April. 1-6 Sovereign Self Retreat

Feb. 5th through Apr. 16th: The Why Sessions

More coming soon. Check out this page!

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