The power of

Truly Listening



Sovereign Life Academy Founder

It’s very interesting to closely watch yourself when you are listening to someone.

Are you truly, truly listening??

Or are you secretely preparing what you are about to say?

Thank you for your honesty!

And I can tell you: you are not the only one!

“Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand, but with the intent to reply.” 


If we’re really honest, we must often admit that even though we are silent when someone else is speaking, we are not actually listening to what they are saying. This happens because in our head’s we are already cooking up our response to their story:

I really musn’t forget to mention…’ or ‘That may be true, but there are so many counterarguments…’

Of course, these are only a few possible thoughts that take you away from what is actually happening.


But what a pity! Because your brain only has a limited capacity, and when half of it is busy hearing the other person out, and the other half is considering your response, there’s not that much left for registering what is going on in the Undercurrent of the conversation.

In the Undercurrent you find relevant indicators like body language, the tone of voice, the energy and the atmosphere in the room.

All subtleties that contain a lot of valuable information to help us reach the best possible outcome of a situation. And, this information is accessible to everyone. As long as we clear enough space in our awareness to pick it up.

Can I offer you a suggestion?

Next time, listen to the other person with the intention to fully and completely understand where they are coming from, and momentarily putting your own input to the side. 

This will challenge you to ‘tap into the Undercurrent’ of the conversation: to use your feeling and sensing of what is going on beyond the words that are spoken. And, through that, discover what may be the other persons reasons behind their demands, comments or questions. 

Of course, you always need to check what you pick up. And yes, this may require some courage on your part.

But hey, who said superpowers are for cowards?



“Using the information in the ‘Undercurrent’ of a conversation is a communication superpower.”


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