Einstein Time

What it is & How to use it


Sovereign Life Academy Founder

Time pressure actually doesn’t exist. Clocks, yes! They DO exist!

But time is basically unlimited. 

I am not making that up, Einstein already proved that. 

This being as it is, I still allow myself to be ruled by the feeling of a time lack on a daily basis. 

“When we switch to Einstein time, we embrace this liberating insight: since I am the creator of time, I can make as much as I need!” 


One of my personal stressors is the movement of time in the morning, when I am supposed to bring my children to school.

Fifteen minutes befóre the moment that we should be leaving in order to be able to cycle to school slowly & peacefully, I feel the tension rising in my heart and stomach:

‘let’s move ahead now,  because otherwise we will leave too late and than we’ll might need to hurry…’

And hurrying, that’s not good for me, I know that much. 

So as a result of not wanting to hurry when we’re en route, I hurry myself and my children to get out of the house. 


A little while back, I read Gay Hendricks’ book The Great Leap, in which he mentions the concept of ‘Einstein Time’.

This is really a very simple insight: Einstein taught us that time is unlimited. Hendricks takes that up a nudge and says: ‘Well, if that is the case, then we are all sources of time’, ‘and if that is the case,’ he continues, ‘then we can create as much time as we need to do what we want to do’.

And that idea has changed my mornings.

Time adapts to your experience. By contracting when we experience time pressure, time contracts with us. 

By ‘expanding’ (through deep and expansive breathing), an expansion in time is created by you. And with that, there will be exactly the right amount of time to do what you really want to do.

That ‘really want to do’ portion is relevant. You won’t create time for things you actually don’t want to do. You can only work this little ‘trick’ for the things you take full ownership of.

I understand this sounds unbelievable, and Hendricks takes a full chapter in his book to explain (I highly recommend reading it). But why don’t you just try it out?

And if it fails you (the first time): being a few minutes late for school really really isn’t such a big deal.



“Taking full ownership of your time and how you use it, is an immense liberator”


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