About us

We believe in a world in which all people are fully aligned with their true self and their highest potential. It is our mission to help create this world by supporting as many people as possible to step into that alignment, that we, by the way, call Sovereignty.

Sovereign Life Academy

The Sovereign Life Academy was founded in 2017 by leadership coach Rosalie Puiman who, in the years before that, had watched herself wondering guide-less through the vast landscape of personal and spiritual development. Googling and intuiting her way to people who may be able to offer services that would, maybe, support her development.

It is our mission to support as many people as possible to step into their Sovereignty.

The academy has three main reasons for being:

  • to be your guide on your journey to sovereignty;
  • to be a link to really good & trustworthy facilitators skilled in the modalities we discuss here;
  • to host Rosalie’s own sovereignty-focused work.

The latter was important to Rosalie as a way to create clarity between her sovereignty-focused and her leadership-focused work, and the different people they speak to.





Transformational Presence & Consciousness coach


1. The Sovereign Life Academy works only with people we know personally & trust.

2. We are not pretending to be the only way towards sovereignty. View the Sovereign Life Academy as a collection of the modalities & facilitators most loved, appreciated and admired by the people here: Things we like, things we love.

3. The modalities we suggest are always only an addition to regular medical assistance.

4. Trust your own intuition, we can only suggest things we have good experiences with, which doesn’t guarantee you the same outcome.

5. The Sovereign Life Academy is part of RSJP (Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam: 57758824). If you buy something on this website, you will be diverted  to http://rosaliepuiman.com for payment. 

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