Rosalie Puiman


“I believe in a world were all people live with sovereignty, compassion and awareness. Slowly but surely these qualities are spreading, and it’s my mission to contribute to that by supporting people in creating a Sovereign Life.”

Rosalie serves passionate people who feel driven to positively impact the world.

Her coaching and teaching help them connect to their intuitive mind, open their heart and grow into their personal power and true potential.

She supports her clients in developing their awareness and in creating a full partnership between their intuitive and their intellectual mind.

Rosalie is a certified Transformational Presence Coach and ThetaHealer®.


As Rosalie is lighthearted and grounded, working with her doesn’t get heavy, even though it digs deep.


Before starting her coaching practice, Rosalie worked as an interim manager in Dutch government for almost a decade. Her many assignments in various ministries and municipalities taught her invaluable lessons about courageous communication, integrity and leadership, which she gratefully applies in her work.

Rosalie lives in Amsterdam with her husband Eiso and their daughter and son.

  • Empath
  • Light Hearted
  • Recovering Pleaser
  • Grounded Spirituality

Ways to work with me…

Supporting people in developing their Sovereign Life & growing their (personal) leadership are my absolute passion.

At the Sovereign Life Academy, these are the ways to work with me: 

30 Day Self Love Challenge
Retreat: Become your Sovereign Self
Online course: Grow into Yourself
Video series: Growing Sovereignty


Prinsengracht 436


(+31) 6 300 10872