The Why Sessions

Why do you do what you do?

What is it you really want?

What is it your have to offer?

Are you on the right path?

Mark your calendars: February 5th and 26th. March 12th and 26th and April 16th.

So often we postpone answering the most important questions
until ‘Someday‘… But when will that be?


Those questions, that feeling that there may be more,
that is what the Why Sessions are all about.

What are the Why Sessions?

In a small group of 5 like minded professionals and facilitated by leadership & mindfulness coach Rosalie Puiman, you will get to know your intuitive mind and learn to tap into your inner wisdom.

Knowing the purpose, belief or cause that drives you to do what you do amplifies your power and impact greatly. To help you figure out what your Why is, but also to regain focus on what you want to create, get clearer on how you add value and what simply makes you happy, I have created The Why Sessions.

During the sessions, trust grows in the group. We co-create the program together. You get more then just coaching, you get 4 opportunities for the honest feedback by real people in a safe environment.

At least one of the session will focus on your personal ‘Why’; the vision and driving force that inspires you to do what you do.

It's for you when

  • You question your focus and path.
  • You’ve started on your path for personal development but don’t want 1-on-1 coaching.
  • You would like to find new insights with others in a group.

You'll need

  • To be open to change and feedback from others.
  • To be open to experience and learn new things.

You'll get

  • More peace of mind and balance
  • A clearer focus, as you’ll know what your path looks like.
  • A sense of what you can add to the world.
  • A number of useful tools that you can keep using at home.
Creator of the Why Sessions


Transformational Presence & Consciousness coach

Rosalie serves passionate people who feel driven to positively impact the world.

Her coaching and teaching help them connect to their intuitive mind, open their heart and grow into their personal power and true potential.

She supports her clients in developing their awareness and in creating a full partnership between their intuitive and their intellectual mind.

A ‘Transformational Presence’ is someone who co-creates the world together with potential.